Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snow cats

Last night there was a snowstorm, so today I can put up a few photographs of my snow cats.
100_5513N snow cat
This snow looks like fun.  When can I go out?
100_5523N snowcat
This is cold!
100_5521N snowcat
Zeke tries sniffing the snow.
100_5522N snowcat
100_5524N snowcat
The snow is always whiter on the other side of the fence!
100_5525N snowcat
100_5526N snowcat
100_5527N snowcats
100_5528N snowcats
100_5529N snowcats
100_5531N snowcats
100_5532N snowcats


tatjana said...

...very nice your Snow Cats ;-).
Greetings from Tatjana

Nova said...

wow....a lot of snow. That's funny how the cats are looking. Must be fun to see them making the first step into the white and cold something

Greetings to you all and thanks for sharing


Sannis Kreativsofa said...

Herr Fuchsberger hat auch eine Schwäche für Schnee. Nur das er sich da reingesetzt und liegen bleibt. Ich habe wohl den einzigen nicht wasserscheuen Bombaykater der Welt.
Liebe Grüsse

Rene said...

I think everyone must be getting snow this year. ;-)

Jeanette said...

Das sind ja total süße Fotos <3
This are very cute pics <3

Hier liegt kein Schnee :/
In Germany is no snow :/

Der Himmel ist grau und traurig, manchmal auch Sonne :)
The sky is grey and sad, sometimes the sun shines :)


Greg_1948 said...

It does not snow too often, so they like it!

Greg_1948 said...

They have been in the snow before. marigold does not like it much.

Greg_1948 said...

My two Maine Coons like the water and snow, as is their nature.

Greg_1948 said...

We usually get a little snow each winter, here in the lowlands.

Greg_1948 said...

Before you know, Spring will come!

Samtpfote FIONA said...

Hallo lieber Greg,

herrlich die Schneebilder. Da habt ihr mehr Schnee als wir diesen Winter hatten. Hier ist meist grün, braun und grau. Aber jetzt muss kein Schnee mehr kommen...ich warte auf Frühling. :-)
Deinen Katzen ganz viel Spass draussen im Schnee.

Alles Gute euch Fiona

Greg_1948 said...

Ich warte auf Frühling auch! We are waiting for spring.

Nicola said...

We've had no snow this year but rain, rain, and more rain. The cats need Wellington boots to go out!!!! and they come back in like frizz balls!!


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