Friday, September 26, 2014

Opie likes Television / Opie mag vor dem Fernseher

This post shows what Opie likes to watch on television.

 (Hey Dad!  How about turning on the TV?  There is something I want to watch!)

 (Hey Dad!  I think we got a problem with the TV set!)

(Holy smokes!  I think the TV set the tree on fire!)

 (Excuse me, Dad!  I think the TV is on fire!)

(Never mind.  Looks like the fire is going out now.)

 (That is an interesting animal!  I wonder what it is?)

I think it is "Lunch", Opie.

(This is my favorite part.  Look at that cat run!)

(I wish I could get through this window!  I want to go down to the lake!)

Sorry, Opie.  No prowling around in Africa tonight!)


Friday, September 12, 2014


This post is titled Potpourri.  It is a mixture of subjects.

The Incident of the Snoring Cat

 It has been a long time since I discussed this subject.  Perhaps ("Purr"haps) I have not been very vigilant lately.
About 4 in the morning, I awoke.  I heard the distinct sound of a cat snoring.  I wondered which cat had decided to sleep upon my bed?  It was too dark to see.  I keep a lantern within reach.  I turned it on.  The snoring stopped when I turned on the lantern.  The cat may have wanted to remain hidden.  I shined the light upon the two cat beds on top of my bed.  They were empty.  I pointed the light at the windowsill.  No one was there.  I pointed the light around the room.  I saw no cat.  I decided to get up and turn on the light.  I looked all around the room and found nothing.  

I think this may have been a visit by one of my ghost cats, who came to sleep by my side again.  I went back to bed, pondering upon what I had heard.  Then I fell asleep, until Marigold woke me up around 8, because the food bowls were empty.  The cats wanted their breakfasts.

Hey, look at me!  I am a ghost cat!  See my scary face!

No, Zeke, you are not a ghost cat.  Your face is not scary.

The Green Ball of Pain

I have crushed many plastic toy cat balls beneath my feet.  The plastic balls do not last too long, before my foot finds them.  Someone came up with a solution to this problem.  

I call this ball "the green ball of pain".  Notice the pointy bits on both sides.  It is designed after a sea urchin.  A shoeless foot recoils in pain, after trying to crush one of these balls!  I have found the ball many times, especially in the dark!  It remains unbroken.

A Heartwarming True Cat Story

I recently read a book titled (American Version) : "Paw Prints in the Moonlight" by Denis O'Connor. 

 The book is released in the United Kingdom under the title : "Paw Tracks in the Moonlight" which is seen above.  A sequel to this book is coming out in October in the USA titled: "Toby Jug".  I have pre-ordered it.

The hardcover edition has many beautiful watercolor pictures by Richard Morris, depicting scenes from the story.  The cover on the book pictured above is a representative sample of his work.  

This title has now become my favorite cat book of all time for a number of personal reasons.  The book is a true story about an Englishman, living in a country cottage, who rescued a tiny kitten during Christmastime.  Both of their lives were changed forever.  I will not say how.  The book will literally make you laugh and weep.  The descriptions of life in the northern English countryside remind me a bit of Henry Thoreau's descriptive style of describing Nature.  I also lived in England for a part of my life, and the book makes me very nostalgic, and wishing to return.  I will not tell the story.  I will say I recommend this book highly to cat and animal lovers, and you will not be sorry for reading it.  I shall read it over again soon.  It is that good a book.


Millions of Google passwords were hacked.  This was the news on 11 September.  Change your Google password immediately.  I already did.  You do not want a stranger writing your blog for you.


Along with the record number of hot days, now we are having cold nights and mornings.  For the first time in many months, I turned on the gas fireplace.  Opie loves the gas fireplace.  She knows just where to sit.


New Page

I decided to put up a new page.  Many people have photographs of their pets who have died.  Some people put them along the side of the page.  I decided against this, as I would have to look at the pictures every time I looked at the blog.  That would be painful.  I decided to make a new page titled "In Remembrance" for posting their photographs and stories.  It is posted now.  It means more to me than anyone viewing it.

I will be on a little blog-pause. 

NEXT post Friday 26 Sept.


Friday, September 5, 2014

Volcanic Eruption Emergency Cat Supplies

This post is about preparing for emergencies--primarily for your cats!

Everyday on the television news, we see films of natural disasters.  We see hurricanes.  We see tornados. We see floods.  We see earthquakes and tidal waves.  We see failed nuclear power reactors spewing radiation.  We see volcanos erupting.  A volcano is erupting in Iceland as I write this.  Wherever you live, there is something that could happen to you.  Some disasters are more likely than others in the area where you live.

Where I live, the largest threats are earthquake or volcanic eruption.  There is a risk when living within sight of a dormant volcano.  The volcano in my neighborhood is Mount Rainier.  It is 14,411 feet high (4392 meters).  

The danger is not from waves of lava flooding over everything.  The threat is from the immediate melting of the glaciers seen above on the mountain, and the flooding of the river valleys below.  I am not in a valley, so I will not be washed away; however, I could be visiting or shopping in a valley town.  

In the valley towns nearer the mountain, they have warning sirens which they will sound, when the mountain erupts.  I have heard the tests.  They are very loud.  

Puyallup, Washington

 Roads are also marked, so that people know which way to run, in order to get to the high ground.  Schools near the mountain practice evacuations.  All the children go outside, and the teachers lead them to the high ground.  I say run, because there would be an immediate traffic jam occurring, with no one driving anywhere, within minutes of people realizing what was happening.

Puyallup, Washington

My home will not be washed away.  It is too high up from the Puyallup River.  I do suspect electricity and perhaps even gas and water supplies to be disrupted.

People will need emergency provisions to get through the initial disaster period of time.  

On television I often hear that you should have three days extra of food and water stored.  I do not think that is enough.
One thing people forget about is their pets.  What will they eat if you cannot go out and buy them food?

I like to keep a large supply of cat food and cat litter.

When I buy new food, I put it in the back of the shelf, and put the older food in the front.  That way, I use the older food first.
If I fed the cats a small amount, the food would last a long time.  I also have about 250 pounds (113 kilogram) of cat litter (not shown).  

It is also convenient to have much extra supplies for cat and human alike.  If I am sick, I do not have to go to the store to buy anything for a long time.

I also keep the cat carriers nearby, so if I had to leave the house quickly, I could pack the cats up, and safely carry them out.