Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday! / Christmas Tree 2014

From my father's collection of holiday postcards which he received as a child, from 1921:

"Sincere Thanksgiving Greetings  (1921)

In the upper left corner, we see a "pilgrim" girl waving at the turkey, while she holds what appears to be an ear of indian corn.  Bye, bye!  To the dinner table with you! 

Previously, we were complaining about having nothing to do around here.  Instead of lying about, we decided to put up a Christmas tree and other holiday decorations.  A small artificial tree was put together.  Opie supervised the placement of the tree, and declared the position to be satisfactory.

 We finally finished most, but not all, of the tree decorating.  There is no shiny tinsel.  The cats like to play with tinsel and eat it!  Tinsel is not allowed!  There are a few more special ornaments I must find, and place upon the tree.  Overall, Opie was satisfied with the results of our labor so far.

This does not smell like a REAL tree!

 You need to add many more dangling things at the bottom, so I can bat them around!  (Will Do!)

I have seen bigger trees than this one!  Why are the lights off?

I did not mean you to turn on the camera flash!

Thanksgiving Day we prowl about as the holiday turkey is being cooked.  After we eat, we groom and sleep, while the humans watch American football.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Nothing to do

It is dark in the morning when we go out into the catio.  Many times it is raining.  Zeke jumps outside to have a scratch in the rain.

 The rain is falling harder upon Zeke's back.  He is thinking about coming back inside.  He tries to hide underneath the bench on the right, but does not like it.  He comes inside.

The holidays have not arrived.  The weather is colder and damper.  There is not much to do for fun-loving Maine Coon cats like us.  We like to bother Marigold.  She is not like us.  She is not around right now.

We have been getting extra catnip.  Sometimes we chase each other through the house.  Sometimes we get grumpy and fight.  Most of the time we lie about doing nothing much.

Zeke and Opie
It is grey and cloudy out in the catio.  The squirrels are busy.  In the early morning, we see and hear all the birds.  We wait for the holidays when we can eat fresh baked turkey meat! Thanksgiving holiday is this coming Thursday!

Zeke and Opie

Friday, November 14, 2014

3 Amigos Sleeping

Today, as usual, I have some company in the bed in the computer room.  National Cat Day and watching the tree cutting tired everyone out!  Once again we see the three amigos passing through the gates of Sleepy-land.

Wait just a minute!  What is wrong with this picture?  Someone is missing!  Where did Zeke go?

I am busy trying to sleep in this new box.  It is very small!!!