Friday, October 17, 2014

Zeke and the trees

This post is about cutting down trees and Zeke.

Some of my pine trees are infested with tree killing insects.  They bore into the tree and suck out the sap.  The tree dies first at the top.  I called to have two dead trees cut down.

Early in the morning, the chain saws were buzzing!  Zeke was not afraid.  He had to look outside to see what was going on.

What is all that noise?
 I did not want my trees to fall upon my neighbors' property.
The first was very tall.  The needles were brown and dead.

Branches are cut while climbing up

See the top falling to the right.

The top is gone!

The second tree is a bit smaller.  First, the climb up.  Branches are cut off while climbing up.

The dead top of the tree hits the ground.

Finally the trunk of the tree is finished off.

Zeke made himself comfortable by the back door.  He was not afraid, and observed everything.  "That would make a great scratching post, " he says.

I have more infested trees.  My neighbor does as well.  The tree cutters will be called back again in the near future.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mulligan Stew

I named this post "Mulligan Stew" because there are many different things in it.

I do like to collect old photographs, magazines, books, and prints.   At an antique fair in the 1990's, I purchased this vintage print.  I framed it myself.  From the style of the hat, it appears to be anywhere from 1880's to early 1900's.  From the color, I think the early 1900's.  There is some shadow of me on the glass, when I photographed it, but the picture looks good enough anyway.  It always gets comments from people who see it hanging on the wall.  The cat on the far left has a ribbon bow around it's neck.  I see this in cat prints and drawings into the 1930's.  It does not seem very practical for a cat to wear a ribbon with a bow.

Paw Prints at Owl Cottage

This book by Denis O'Connor continues the story from his first book: "Paw Prints in the Moonlight."  The emotions the author feels in this second book make more sense if you read "Moonlight" first.  That is my recommendation.  We continue the story with more tales of Toby Jug, and with new tales of the new Maine Coon cats, who come to live at Owl Cottage.  Once more we read about the enchanting Northumberland countryside, and the cats who call it home.  The book is illustrated with color illustrations.  It is a good read.

Camera Shy

One of the pitfalls of being a blogstar, is that cameras are always going off in your face!  Zeke has learned to shut his eyes when he sees the camera pointing at him.  Marigold has not learned to shut her eyes.

Did you have to shoot that flash right in my face?

That is much better!
Loft Loungers

Cats like to be up high.  It gives them confidence in their surroundings.  I have a loft in my house.  A popular place to sit is on the balcony railing.  There they can look down upon me.  As far as I know, no cat has even fallen off.  There is a large dining room table below them.  My two Maine Coons, Opie and Zeke, are the primary loft loungers.  It is "cool" to dangle your tail over the edge!

Opie and Zeke
 Guest Cat

This is the first appearance of our guest cat.  His name is Spike.  He lives in Scotland.  Below, he is demonstrating how to sit in a laundry basket.  When he was little, he would curl up inside it.  Today he is too big!


Autumn is here.  The shadows on the lawn are growing longer.  There is a chill in the air.  Soon I will have to abandon the catio, and sleep in the sun on a windowsill inside.

Look at all these donuts!  Dad cannot eat them all!  I do not eat chocolate, but I like the yellow, fluffy part inside.  Yum! 


Friday, September 26, 2014

Opie likes Television / Opie mag vor dem Fernseher

This post shows what Opie likes to watch on television.

 (Hey Dad!  How about turning on the TV?  There is something I want to watch!)

 (Hey Dad!  I think we got a problem with the TV set!)

(Holy smokes!  I think the TV set the tree on fire!)

 (Excuse me, Dad!  I think the TV is on fire!)

(Never mind.  Looks like the fire is going out now.)

 (That is an interesting animal!  I wonder what it is?)

I think it is "Lunch", Opie.

(This is my favorite part.  Look at that cat run!)

(I wish I could get through this window!  I want to go down to the lake!)

Sorry, Opie.  No prowling around in Africa tonight!)